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How about quality of your carbide rods?

How about quality of your carbide rods?
Update Time:2019-09-05

1.G&H take 100% virgin raw material, we never use recycle material or mixed it with portion of virgin material, G&H imported tungsten carbide powder imported from Germany H.C Starck

2.Inspection the inner structure when cut off the blank rod from extrusion machine.

3. Inspected by high precision instruments.Inspect  the magnetic force, cobalt magnetic, density, hardness, strength, metallography.

4.Drop test (Drop height :1.2m): All the carbide rods drop from a desk that is 1.2M high and fall off on a metal plate, if have broken rods, we will pick it out.

5. Inspect the h6 tolerance and straightness after grinding.


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